Summer Workshops

This summer I will provide the summer workshop series. These are one-day several hours intensive workshops. The workshops are limited to 8 people. First come first serve.

Watercolor, Markers and Ink Techniques
Friday, July 6th 9 am to 2 pm
Let's create bright, colorful watercolor paintings and learn about marker techniques. Learn how to use them, mix them, create different effects and clean them. We will create artwork of our favorite subjects nature, animals, people, illustrations or intuition painting. This will be a super fun technique.


Oil Portrait. The Foundation for Portraits.
Friday, July 27th Full Day Workshop: (9 am to 4 pm with a break for lunch.) It is a step by step class.  Everyone will be doing the same subject and using oils. Limited to 8 people. 
Learn Grisaille underpainting – a fully developed picture in tones of grey. Grisaille (pronounced like Versailles) underpainting is an oil painting technique in which a composition is constructed entirely in tones of gray. It is often used for underpainting since it establishes light values underneath transparent oil glazes. This is the base for classical portraiture. What will you learn? Classic oil painting techniques of the Old Masters in a step-by-step demonstration, the relationship of light to form, how to use a Da Vinci technique and build your portrait layer by layer.

Cost $180 Students are responsible for their art supplies.  

Draw Hands, Feet, Eyes, Mouth, Ears and Noses
Friday, August 3rd  Half - Day Workshop: (9 am to 2 pm with a half-hour  break for lunch.)
We will focus our time on drawing the parts of the body that most people avoid to draw and have most problems drawing. We will draw and shade various facial features realistically, as well as the hands and the feet. We will be using a crosshatch technique with charcoal pencils and white chalk highlighting details from his source photo.

Cost: $150 Students are responsible for their art supplies.