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You can buy original Plein Air artwork at my Etsy store. All my paintings are originals and one of a kind. I love painting outdoors surrounded by nature. The colors, shapes, and beauty inspire me. These paintings are part of my series called, " Little Sketches For Bigger Ideas," which focus on representing the beauty that nature has to offer us. A little reminder that our planet is a beautiful place! Theses painting are a great way to aquire my art if you are in a budget. They are original and affordable. They all come with a story and signed by me. If you are looking for a special Florida gift, these painting will be a great choice.

Original artwork by Vanessa Montenegro


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Prints of some of Vanessa's Work

The studio is located in Westchase, Tampa. All visits to the studio are only by appointment. Vanessa's Art Studio. Where art meets creativity and passion!

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