Creativity Art Challenge: 15 Days Building Your Creativity

 Are you ready to have fun? Join me! Each day, you will receive an email and a challenge that will help you think outside the box and help you build your creativity and kill the boredom of being at home self-quarantine. If you are interested, let me know. The challenge will last 15 days, and the cost is $20. You can join at any time.

How does it work? One sign up for the challenge by paying the fee. Then check your email every day for your daily challenge. Complete the challenge that day. You can send me your complete piece or post online.

When does the challenge starts? You start the challenge the day you sign up.

Where do I pay?

Creativity Challenge: 15 Days Building Your Creativity


Pay now

How long will I need to complete the challenge? It is really up to you. If you dedicate at least half an hour that day or the entire day. 

Can I email you questions, if I have an artist block? Ofcourse!

Is it only for artists? No. Anyone can join. You don't need to be an artist to do it. Any age and anywhere is the world! Creativity doesnt have limits.

What materials will I need? Use whatever material you have. It is a creativity challenge, so you will be able to interpret it. However, you want?

Would you be posting the artwork somewhere? Yes, if you share with me, and you permit me, I would love to share a collage of artwork to get inspired.

How many days is the creative challenge? 15 days.

creativity art challenge

creativity challenge